2014 DIRECTV Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Talent Management



We believe that our employees’ commitment to excellence is integral to the success of our strategy and to the future of our company. Every day, our goal is to advance a service-oriented culture focused on building lifelong customer relationships. Continuing to lead in technology, entertainment content and customer experience requires deep talent, diverse perspectives and far-reaching opportunities for our employees to grow and excel. Our workforce strategy is aligned with the objective to recruit and develop the strongest team in our industry.

We strive to ensure that every member of the DIRECTV team is committed to our company values: leadership, innovation, decisiveness, agility, teamwork and integrity. Sustaining a high level of employee engagement and developing the talent among our current workforce cultivates an environment of strong loyalty to our organization, our customers and to each other. Moreover, that strong sense of loyalty can be directly correlated with increased customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

Because our continued success as a company is fueled by the success of our people, we have intensified our leadership development programs. In addition, we continue to increase our already strong emphasis on diversity and an inclusive workplace culture to foster higher levels of innovation, engagement, cross-functional teamwork and collaboration.