2014 DIRECTV Corporate Social Responsibility Report


Talent Management



Our ability to establish sustainable competitive advantage and grow as a company relies in a significant way on our ability to recruit the strongest talent in the industry. To that end, we deploy an array of recruitment strategies with a strong emphasis on securing a diverse pool of candidates. These initiatives encompass job fairs – virtual and physical – conferences, open houses, networking events, social media and hackathon competitions.


Our internship program is also a major conduit to attract outstanding, diverse talent to DIRECTV. We offer 12-week internships for undergraduate and graduate students. For many, when their internship concludes, their contributions to the company are just beginning, and we strive to offer many top-performing program alumni full-time positions with DIRECTV. In 2014, more than 30 percent of the intern class were people of color.

Rotation Tracks for Recent Graduates:

  • Finance Rotation
  • Human Resources Rotation

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As part of the DIRECTV intern program, participants attend weekly presentations to learn about the business and present to the senior leadership of their department at the end of the summer about their work to help DIRECTV meet its goals. Additionally, at select locations, interns also attend a ride-along with a DIRECTV Home Services technician to better understand DIRECTV’s customer experience.