2014 DIRECTV Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Product Materials and Packaging

Globally, consumers and regulators have expressed increased concern about the chemicals and materials present in products or used during the manufacturing process. DIRECTV is compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive, adopted by the European Union. In addition, we have established internal processes to identify and monitor materials of concern (MOCs).

Our strategy is also directed to our vendors, because we have instituted the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition’s (EICC) Supplier Code of Conduct for our suppliers. We’re committed to aligning our own operations with the provisions of the Code, and we encourage our first-tier suppliers to share our commitment.

Making Our Packaging More Efficient

Bulky and heavy product packaging consumes more resource and energy inputs during manufacturing, requires more energy and expense to ship and is less environmentally friendly at end-of-life. We select smaller and lighter packaging that enables multiple products to travel in one package. For example, our Genie™ Minis are shipped 10 to a carton. In 2014, we calculate that the increased efficiency of our packaging eliminated the need for 8,682 pallets; reduced shipping containers required by 273 and saved more than 26,000 board feet of shipping material.