2014 DIRECTV Corporate Social Responsibility Report

DIRECTV Goes to School®

Through DIRECTV GOES TO SCHOOL, we offer the finest educational television experience in the U.S. at no cost to any qualifying, state-accredited school, grades K–12.

Schools participating in the program receive a DIRECTV® System that educators can use to record shows and programming that enhance their classroom instruction. Our SCHOOL CHOICE® programming package gives schools access to current events coverage, breaking news and local channels, as well as educational programming. The package has nearly 100 channels, including A&E, Animal Planet, Biography, CNN, CSPAN, Discovery Channel, History Channel, NASA TV, the Science Channel and Univision.

This initiative launched in 2001 and today is reinforced by a comprehensive online presence that offers school account holders up-to-date information. Our website features a blog with regular updates about upcoming educational programs and helpful resources. We also leverage social media to enhance connectivity with teachers, answer questions and offer users an array of resources that create a bridge between school account holders and programming providers. These tools, for example, can help Social Studies teachers identify a documentary on the History Channel that is aligned with their classroom standards, help them record it and direct them to a lesson plan that can enhance the educational benefits for students viewing the segment. We also introduced an annual online renewal process that enables us to collect actionable insights and feedback from participants.