2014 DIRECTV Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Latin America Education

ESCUELA+ serves as a catalyst for positive change in a growing number of schools throughout Latin America. Through ESCUELA+, DIRECTV Latin America works in partnership with private companies, government departments of education and other stakeholders to positively transform the classroom experience of Latin American teachers and students. The program is recognized as the premier and most complete TV education platform in Latin America. Four primary pillars support the program’s successful formula:

State-of-the-Art Technology
DIRECTV’s satellite technology allows educational programming to reach any school in Latin America that has a TV and electrical power. DIRECTV Plus® SD DVR recording empowers teachers to manage content and record up to 100 hours of programming.

Partner Content and Support Materials
Programming from ESCUELA+ partners is indexed in a core curriculum specifically designed for Latin America and the Caribbean. Partners providing content include Discovery, National Geographic, Microsoft and Fundación Torneos, as well as local Ministries of Education.

Innovative Methodology
Teachers are trained to use the Discovery en la Escuela methodology and DIRECTV’s ESCUELA+ audio/visual technology.

Ongoing Communication and Engagement
Our teacher training and engagement strategy helps schools make the most of ESCUELA+ and its programming.

Constant Service and Communication to Serve Students, Teachers and Communities

Toll-free Helpline
Our toll-free helpline is a service not typically available in the region. Specially trained customer service representatives answer calls from teachers who have questions about the technology and content available through ESCUELA+. Additional DIRECTV Latin America personnel volunteer to support teachers in the field.

Solar Initiative
To reach even the most remote schools, the ESCUELA+ Solar initiative combines our standard DIRECTV satellite technology with a solar array to power the system. This end-to-end solution, devised by a DIRECTV technician in Argentina, is designed for school locations where electrical power is uneven or unavailable.

ESCUELA+ Padrinos
In 2014 we launched ESCUELA+ Padrinos (godparents) to engage DIRECTV employees in our ESCUELA+ program. Employee volunteers act as mentors and consultants to a chosen school, serve as a conduit for information about the service and the school’s needs, and monitor their satisfaction with the program. At year-end there were nearly 200 Padrinos working with schools in four countries.

ESCUELA+ Embajadas
Because television can be an effective vehicle to foster cross-cultural understanding, ESCUELA+ Embajadas (embassies) has an agreement with the U.S. Department of State to promote the study of the English language and American culture. The program operates through Bi-National Centers (BNCs) in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Perú.

DIRECTV CINEMA+ celebrates Latin American cinema and promotes the training of the next generation of filmmakers in the region. In our partnership with Sundance Channel and the University of Southern California (USC) Film School, DIRECTV CINEMA+ sponsors a regional short film contest. Country winners earn local scholarships, and two annual regional winners earn a scholarship for a summer at USC Film School.